Save Us From Religion - 

The video was filmed in late 2015, around 20th December in Pärnu - Jaagupi, Anelema karjäär (sandwich) in Estonia. This is the place where bands singer Kari spent his childhood. The story was filmed around 8 years earlier in Tallinns soviet era prison called "Patarei Vangla" as Def Rage’s first video. Since the band broke up and author of the song stayed with ILLUMENIUM, the band used the story shots so that the “Save us From Religion" trilogy or even more could continue...

My Last Cocaine - 

The video was filmed in Spain, Tabernas desert near Almeria town in 2015 February. It was very windy and chilly weather in Spain at that time. The story was filmed in Albox town and Almeria Town in Spain around March 2015.

Save Us From Religion 2 - 

The video was filmed late summer 2016, around August. Shooting took place again in “Anelema Karjäär” (sandwich). The video was filmed mostly at night, with night vision camera. They used real life special effects in the video, like smoke bombs, flares, flash bombs, signal guns, gasoline burning and so on. The story was shot around the same time in Pärnu town, Estonia. Some shots were taken next to the famous old prison called "Pärnu Vangla". The main actor was again Erkki Sassiad, like also in the first part of the trilogy music video series.