Video was filmed in old Estonian castle called "Sangaste Loss". The video was filmed all in one night around April 2017. The building was very unique and stylish with high ceilings and lots of space to use good lightning. The shootings lasted for about 6 hours this time.


The video was filmed in an old soviet era coal miners abandoned ghost town Viivikonna, Estonia around early spring in 2017 April. The story was made around the same place and became the first video where band members self acted. The band used a big truck to build a stage on wheels for the video. There were many drone shots taken as well. All video shots were taken in 4 hours, so it was the fastest video making experience ILLUMENIUM ever had so far.

1L3RAM - 

The video was filmed in an old abandoned manor house called “Seidla Mõis”. The shooting took place early spring 2017 around April. The story was shot a few days earlier also in and around “Seidla Mõis”. Band used stunters as actors and the storyline was mainly a fight between male and female. They used different martial arts and even weapons on the scene.

Save Us From Religion 2 - 

The video was filmed late summer 2016, around August. Shooting took place again in “Anelema Karjäär” (sandwich). The video was filmed mostly at night, with night vision camera. They used real life special effects in the video, like smoke bombs, flares, flash bombs, signal guns, gasoline burning and so on. The story was shot around the same time in Pärnu town, Estonia. Some shots were taken next to the famous old prison called "Pärnu Vangla". The main actor was again Erkki Sassiad, like also in the first part of the trilogy music video series.

Dream Made Of Stone - 

The video was filmed in late 2015, around the ending of December in Pahkla village near Kohila, Estonia. Big boulder, which the band plays on is called "Eestimaa Kivide Kuningas ehk Pahkla Suurkivi" (The king of the stones"). It was filmed in Estonias unique nature, being the first video where they used drones. The story was filmed in the beginning of 2016 around different spots in Tallinn and Pärnu cities. Some of the story was aslo filmed in Ammende Villa, which was also used when they made "The Sick Letter" video. All underground cave shots were taken in the abandoned soviet war tunnels around Laagri, Estonia.