23.04.2019 11:50

In memoriam of brother and member of our band family, Juss Kuslap... . 

(rest in peace brother. el mahhiko)

21.04.2019 15:15

The night is almost gone, and the day is near, therefore let us lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light. 

Happy easter, holidays and fourtwoozeero for all of you ... hehee ... : ))) 


15.04.2019 16:52

Check out how we made ILLUMENIUM (XIII) - For My Old Friend music video! 


12.04.2019 17:58

Our singer is on high fever at the moment and the problem is that we have 2 concerts planned in Bad Tölz and Teisendorf for this weekend. Doctors said it’s not a good idea to perform in this situation. So…


10.04.2019 10:27


ILLUMENIUM (XIII) guru Erik at video shooting for “for my old friend” and it finally came out, yeah, ladies and gentlemen, we present you the hop-hip. Someone once said that “hop-hip” is the future of the future. Hehee. 

(band to…


09.04.2019 18:55

A few weeks ago in Barcelona we met one very interesting man called Alejandro, and he is the developer of Cinemartin cameras, which is the commercial camera with biggest resolution (#8k). 

(illumenium and 8k. el mahhiko)


08.04.2019 16:15


Freudenstadt, thank you very much, it was great night and as said, maybe we will see us again in this reality.  

Now on the way to Bad Tölz and Teisendorf, so jeah, Bayern, aufpassen. Hehee.  

(all time touring. el…


08.04.2019 16:08

A few weeks ago we made our hop-hip debute in Barcelona, but the stage and cellar was so small that it was impossible to perform with our full line-up. Step by step you will hear about hop-hip more and more...And…


04.04.2019 18:00



Frankfurt musikmesse 2019 was grand in the middle of “jackal” and so on... we just want to thank you for inviting us. 

(musikmesse 2019. frankfurt skyscrapers. el mahhiko)