Just a little something about us...

ILLUMENIUM is an Estonian “All- Time- Touring” rock band, and from 2019 introducers of a new music style to the world called “HOP-HIP”.

The band provides two different styles of music and it is easy to recognise the difference. HOP-HIP songs will have “XIII” written behind the title name - It comes from an upcoming album name. For example the song “For My Old Friend” on a rock album will be ILLUMENIUM - For My Old Friend and on HOP-HIP album would be ILLUMENIUM (XIII) - For My Old Friend.

The band was founded in 2014 October 8th when the remaining members of band Def Rage had a band rehearsal in a village near Graz, AT while on European tour.

The name of the band was born a few weeks earlier when the band was in Italy, Alessandria making a stop next to the highway. There were 3 police patrols sent to control the band. They asked the singer Kari Kärner if he is from the freemasoners(illuminati) pointing out to the tattoo in his face. The singer replied “Yes”, but meant it as a joke. And from there comes the band name ILLUMENIUM - what consists of illuminati (ILLUM), and millenium (ENIUM) and means the "Thousand Year Enlighters". They call theirselves the “Illukad” in Estonian or “Enlighters” in English direct translation.

The former band consisted of Kari Kärner on main vocals, Kevin Presmann on drums, Andre Kaldas on scream/growl vocals, Grigori Rõzuk on lead guitar, Henrico Krebes on rythm guitar and Rainer Trillo on bass guitar.


ILLUMENIUM and friends after the concert @ Roter Gugl in Hartberg, Austria 2018.

In 2015 spring the band released a 13 - track demo album “Towards Endless 8”, what was mainly targeted to promote to potential concert audience. The demo album was also presented in many concerts given in Europe.

in the early 2016 they released a modified version of the demo album with in total 18 - tracks on the CD. It was meant to be the guide line for future albums.

After a two year European tour the band started working on a debut album. In the end of year 2017 album “Jackal” was released.

The debut album was recorded with a new band line up - with Kari Kärner on main vocals, Andre Kaldas on scream/growl vocals, Kevin Presmann on lead guitar, Romy Leis on rhythm guitar, Raigo Tüür on drums and Karli Raaga on bass guitar. In addition there were a few “old friends” as well who took a part in the recording process.

The band line up is perfect by the spirit! 

Because “Towards Endless 8” was released many years ago, the band decided to work with the second album right after completing album “Jackal”. In the beginning of 2018 the band released second album “Gehenna”.

After some time on tour, early 2018 the band family lost a promotion team member and close friend Johannes Kuslap. The death of Johannes was a big throwback for the band family. The band only gave 3 shows from planed 2018 European tour and decided to take time off for a while.

All social media was discontinued for about a year. The band used this time to work on a third album called “Underdogs”.

The release holds a title dedicated to Johannes Kuslap called “Elysium”. Album will be released unofficially 1st January 2019.


"The Sick Letter" music video shooting in Estonia 2014, in - 20'C Celsius.

In addition to the third album, the band planned an acoustic album. While planing the album, there came an idea not to target the mainstream, but more of something new. Late 2018 the stage lineup grew by two young rappers: Erik Kauge and Avery Niineorg. The idea to create something new began and a new music style was born they called “HOP-HIP” which is mostly targeted towards clubs and radio airplay. But also targeted to giving big live concerts.

The difference between “HIP-HOP” and “HOP-HIP” is that the music style has less lyrics, but the lyrics are more towards the point of the song than todays modern HIP-HOP or mumble rap.

HOP-HIP will spread like fire, cause' it is an new unique style. Plan to release the first HOP-HIP album “XIII” is in 2019. The demo album is already published for radio rotation.

The band offers two different styles of music: HOP-HIP and Rock, and is the first band in the world to do that simultaneously, because the music is targeted mostly towards the club audience, but still has the taste of underground.

Usually the band gives rock concerts on Fridays and HOP-HIP concerts on Saturdays, but there can always be exceptions.

In the summer there will be a chance to see the band on different rock and electronic music festivals, where they present their new style to the world as a new era, the rising sun and new light in the world where the old illuminati will be replaced with the new.

ILLUMENIUM is also known by the saying “El Mahhiko”, which is originated from a movie called “The Blow”. In the band family this basically means “All or nothing” or “Never give up”. Also the band uses an Estonian saying “Bänd tippu” translated as “Band to the top” while rising the right naming finger towards the sky. All sayings are also used in combination and the meaning is the same - together till the grave.


Music video shooting in Tabernas desert, Spain for the song "My Last Cocaine" in 2015.