08.04.2019 16:08

A few weeks ago we made our hop-hip debute in Barcelona, but the stage and cellar was so small that it was impossible to perform with our full line-up. Step by step you will hear about hop-hip more and more...And next party hopefully with full line-up. 

PS! Yeah, DON’T WORRY our rock friends, the illumenium original sound hasn’t dissapeared anywhere as some of you maybe thought, hop-hip is something new and spicy we make when the party is going on in the city... then hop-hip gurues will be in town. And jeah, you can make difference between our concerts so that, when it’s roots then just illumenium and when it’s hop-hip then after illumenium is XIII (illumenium XIII), so it’s easy. Band is one. 

BTW! We made one rock song also together with our rappers, it’s called “underdogs” and will be released asap. You may call it aswell for the memory of Chester from LP. 

Sometimes we like to surprise you in our rock concerts with few songs in hop-hip style aswell. Hehee. And opposite ofcourse. 

Who wants to know more about it or hop-hip , do not hesitate to ask your guestions via facebook, email or check our homepage. Thank you for your attention : ) 

(god bless you. hop-hip gurues in town. xiii. el mahhiko)