08:05.2019 14:27 

“Estonia Musika” is going to be tonight again in Belgium, in Eernegem, at club B52, hehee, i dunno maybe they got they’r name from U.S. Bomber or is it from coctail ?.. Who knows... Anyways the clip is from Antwerpen, RockingBulls, jeah it was great night “Estonia Musika” : d and see you all soon. : ) 

(new illuminaties in belgium. band to the top. el mahhiko)

04.05.2019 17:42 

On the stage we will be in 5 minutes. Guitarists already on stage, ready to rumble. In Antwerpen, it’s raining, but it doesn’t matter, Ken is on the other side now, he is watching the whole show, it was riddle for those who understand. El mahhiko. 

(he is on the other side. el mahhiko)

04.05.2019 17:40 

Tonight we are goin’ to rock with the bulls...together with Sin Savage band in the “RockingBulls” club in Antwerpen. It’s chillin’ outside, we have to heat the place up good. See you there our friends. 

(illumenium in belgium. el mahhiko)

02.05.2019 18:42 

Sunday preparations for XIII album. If everything goes as planned, in the beginning of 2020 it’s out. 

(biggest work in our band history. el mahhiko)

02.05.2019 18:39 

We play actually some songs from the old times, but Bulgaria we play next time. Hehee. Some preparations for the gig in Dreieich, Werkstatt, Frankfurt a.m. Security guys always ready and Kaldas must be soon on stage. Soma just started to play... 

(band to the top. el mahhiko)

23.04.2019 11:50 

In memoriam of brother and member of our band family, Juss Kuslap... . 

(rest in peace brother. el mahhiko)

21.04.2019 15:15 

The night is almost gone, and the day is near, therefore let us lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light. 

Happy easter, holidays and fourtwoozeero for all of you ... hehee ... : ))) 

(the more enemies the higher the rise. el mahhiko)

15.04.2019 16:52 

Check out how we made ILLUMENIUM (XIII) - For My Old Friend music video!