Just a little something about us...

ILLUMENIUM is an Estonian all-time-touring  alternative rock
band. Since 2019 we also started a totally new style which we
have named hop-hip.  
The band’s two styles can be distinguished quite easily – the
hop-hip songs have XIII added to their titles. For example,
the title of the rock style For My Friend reads ILLUMENIUM –
For My Old Friend, while the hop-hip style one is called
ILLUMENIUM (XIII) – For My Old Friend.
Illumenium started on Oct. 8, 2014, when the remaining
members of the previous band Def Rage had their first
rehearsal in Graz, Austria.
The name of the band, however, was created a few weeks
earlier, when we made a stop in Alessandria, Italy, and the
locals got suspicious about our looks. Three police patrols
came to check on us. They asked our singer Kari Kärner,
pointing at the tattoo on his face, if we were KnightsTemplar
and Illuminati. We replied jokingly that we were indeed
Illuminati and we intend to last for a millennium and replace
the old Illuminati, meaning to illuminate a new age. This is
how the name ILLUMENIUM was born, created fom the words
illuminati (ILLUM) and millennium (ENIUM), denoting The
The original band consisted of Kari Kärner (singer), Kevin
Presmann (drums), Andre Kaldas (screaming vocals), Grigori
Rozuk (guitar), Henrico Krebes (rhythm guitar), Rainer Trillo
(bass guitar).

ILLUMENIUM and friends after the concert @ Roter Gugl in Hartberg, Austria 2018.


In the spring of 2015 we released our first promotional demo
record Towards Endless 8, basically meant for potential rock
concert venues and consisting of 13 songs. We also
presented the record in several European countries. At the
beginning of 2016 we released a modified version with 18
songs, which we hoped would pave the way for future albums.
After touring around Europe for two years the band finally felt
that the time for the first album had come, so it was released
at the end of 2017 By this time some of the members had left
the band, for instance Rainer Trillo wanted to spend more
time with his family, Grigori Rozuk sought new challenges in
school, Henrico Krebes also left for family reasons. The band
playing on JACKAL album consisted of Kari Kärner (singer),
Andre Kaldas (screaming vocals), Kevin Presmann (guitar),
Romy Leis (rhythm guitar), Raigo Tüür (drums), Karli Raaga
(bass guitar). They were also assisted by some old friends to
make the sound more varied. Concerning the spirit feeling,
this team was perfect. As the first demo record Toward
Endless 8 had been released earlier, it was decided to
release the first two albums practically together, so the
beginning of 2018 saw the release of the second album
At the beginning of 2018 a tragedy hit us. Johannes Kuslap,
a very close friend and a member of the promotion team left
this world. As we are an all-touring band, we have always
considered ourselves a big family. Therefore the band felt
devastated, so we did only 3 gigs out of the scheduled 2018
tour, for a year took a break from social media and had a
general time-out. When we got back on track, we began
working on our third album called UNDERDOGS, which
included a song Elysium, dedicated to the memory of

Johannes Kuslap. The album is released on January 1,
2020 at 00.01 a.m.

"The Sick Letter" music video shooting in Estonia 2014, in - 20'C Celsius.


In addition to our third album we were also planning an
acoustic album. But we did not really feel like going
mainstream, as rock bands usually tend to write a more laid-
back album when they would just like to have more radio time
on mainstream radio. At the end of 2018 two rap singers,
Avery Niineorg and Erik Kauge joined the band. This is when
the idea of creating a totally new style, called hop-hip was
born, meant for night clubs and radio stations.The difference
between hip hop and hop hip is that the latter uses fewer
words, while trying to get the point across sooner. Hop-hip
style is becoming popular the world over, being quite new and
unique. 2019 saw the release of the first hop-hip album XIII.
We are now officially the first band playing both rock and hop-
hip, the latter being meant mostly for club scenes, yet having
a distinct flavor of underground. Usually we have rock
concerts on Fridays and hop-hip gigs on Saturdays. There
are, however, exceptions, but on the whole, the signature
difference is ILLUMENIUM (rock) or ILLUMENIUM (XIII)
(hop-hip). The summer of 2020 will see playing at several
rock festivals, hip-hop or electromusic festivals, presenting the
new style as the new age of the rising sun and the morning
light, in a world where the old Illuminati will be replaced by the
ILLUMENIUM is also known for its catchy slogan EL
MAHHIKO. Taken from the movie The Blow, meaning ALL
OR NOTHING, it means „Let’s just do it, no giving up before
we actually make it to the top.“ We also tell each other BAND
TO THE TOP, in Estonian BÄND TIPPU, or both EL
MAHHIKO and BÄND TIPPU together, while pointing the

right-hand index finger to the sky, as in principle they mean
the same thing.


Music video shooting in Tabernas desert, Spain for the song "My Last Cocaine" in 2015.