12.03.2019 16:31 

Dear Friends,


For the first time, here is our “hop-hip” music video. 

Proud to present: 
ILLUMENIUM (XIII) - For My Old Friend 

(el mahhiko)

09.03.2019 22:24 

Ladies and Gents! 


We are proud to announce that from this year ILLUMENIUM will be doing 2 types of concerts. 
Besides our rock concerts , we will present a new style called "Hop-Hip" from our upcoming album "XIII" which we will officially release in 2020 

The idea came in a studio whilst recording an acoustical album and our new rock album. But during the process 
we decided to not go the mainstream way with the acoustical album. 

So we got an idea to make something tottally different. Since we had 2 talented rappers in our crew, we got an idea to create something new together with them and after a long process 
"Hop-Hip" was born. We will present this new style at our "ILLUMENIUM XIII" concerts and rock concerts shall remain as just "ILLUMENIUM" 

You can also find more info about our upcoming concerts at our Facebook site or on our homepage. 


We are also happy to announce that we just finished filming our 3 new music videos in Spain. 
Two of the videos are for our "Hop-Hip" style and one rock music video. 
The songs are titled "For My Old Friend XIII", "1L3RAM XIII" and "Dream Destroyer" 

The first video which we will release in the following days will be our first 
"Hop-Hip" music video "For My Old Friend XIII". 

We have a lot of material to bring forward to you, so stay tuned! 

PS: For those of you who didn't know, from this year ILLUMENIUM will be presenting 2 different styles. 
Rock concerts and "Hop-Hip" concerts. From now on the "Hop-Hip" music can be recognized in the future 
by the "XIII" tag after the song name which points out the seperate version. Rock music naming shall stay the same. 

Best wishes, 

Timo Tomson 

21.12.2018 22:20 

The band just finished writing script for "System is Down". Tomorrow it will be sent to the office for approval. If all goes according to plan, the new music video is going to be filmed in Spain durning January 2019. It is going to be the best video so far!

20.12.2018 19:10 

Today the band started working together with an Estonian company to sketch out two new HOP-HIP music videos from Upcoming album XIII: "For My Old Friend (XIII)" and "1L3RAM (XIII)". Around the same time they plan to complete two music videos from upcoming ROCK album Underdogs: "System is Down" and "Hendrix Killed Despacito (Jimi Hendrix, Luis Fonsi cover)". In total four music videos will be ready around February 2019!

19.12.2018 20:30 

We had a chance to take a few shots of the temporary working office of the band in Munich, Germany. They shared us some fresh news about a few new events confirmed. On the 5th of April ILLUMENIUM will perform in Freudenstadt, Germany with rock performance set. They also notified us about a HOP-HIP concert confirmed near Augsburg on the 20th of April. 

19.12.2018 18:25 

The band has started to complete the lyrical section of our homepage! Right now there are lyrics from albums Jackal and Gehenna. As well as one song from our upcoming HOP-HIP album. Soon the selection will include also Underdogs ROCK album! Take a look at the LYRICS tab in our page menu!

18.12.2018 15:40 

Timo Tomson from ACR Services (Apocalypse Children Recordings) has joined the band as the official tour manager and agent. Timo adds himself "EL Mahhiko, band to the top" and confirms he will work hard on the target.

18.12.2018 12:15 

First ILLUMENIUM (XIII) live HOP-HIP concert is now official and confirmed. The event will take place on the 4th of May in Ichtegem, Belgium @ B52 Club.

18.12.2018 10:40 

The Band made a contract with a company from Spain called CINEMARTIN on recording our new music video with their exclusive 8K camera which is the worlds largest resolution camera on commercial market. The song they choosed was "System is Down" from our upcoming album "Underdogs". By the contract, CINEMARTIN will cover all the costs of filming and the band will cover the script and all other costs. By the contract, the video will be the property of CINEMARTIN, but the band will maintain the copyrights for the song and have all permissions to use the video for promotional reasons.